Redenzione Original Soundtrack
UoUo — Redenzione Original SoundTrack
Release date : Nov. 25, 2014
Label : Vipchoyo Sound Factory
  1. crash in
  2. cava
  3. piano
  4. scena X
  5. ampolla
  6. brano 5
  7. otto
  8. crash out


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The UoUo music project was founded by Antonello Rianna and Giacomo Salzano to write the score for the soundtrack of Redenzione, a 20 minutes short thriller film produced by Obiettivo51 and directed by Alessandro Della Villa and Alessando Moscatt.

This record is not only the film soundtrack: it forms an integral part of the tense and disturbed atmosphere built up in the video, becoming part of the story and its own auditory sublimation.